Times Like These

You may have noticed that we have had quite a few adoptions recently and no new dog pictures. We currently only have four dogs listed for adoption. You might ask yourself,
”What do they do at Second Chance Salem when their numbers are so low?”

The answer is that we have an equal number of dogs not up for adoption quite yet. These dogs are “in progress” (we spoke of this earlier); they are not available for adoption now because they have training, behavioral, or medical needs that we are currently seeing to. During these times when our adoptable dog numbers are low, we are spending our extra time and efforts on “under construction” dogs and dogs like Thor who will never be adoptable but need intensive supportive care.

I hope to be sharing some of these stories with you this weekend and featuring some of these dogs. It should give you a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes.–Gwen Hammond (Executive Director)Dog we are working on.

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