Sadie Too




Sadie Too

As promised, here is one of our “In Progress” dogs. I am starting with the easier stories first.

Sadie Too came to us as an owner surrender. We know that they got her as a puppy, we know that she was raised with another Golden Retriever, we know that they had a young family and a new baby, they had just moved. Sadie Too was starting to have increasing difficulty with other dogs and some strangers; it was making her young family nervous with the new baby in the house. They decided to give her up.

Sadie Too is living with a very experienced foster home. They only take Golden Retrievers. For the first couple of days that Sadie came to live with them she hid behind their woodstove. She first warmed up to Linda but it took some time to get her to trust Douglass, she still is not sure about their large-in-stature son.

Sadie Too goes for daily walks, sometimes with Linda’s friends and their dogs. Sadie is not convinced that she likes these other dogs or people but she is getting used to them. Sadie goes for rides in the car and has company over. She is getting used to the safety of the world. When she is ready and settled in, we will send a trainer over to work with Sadie and her foster family to see how far along we can bring her. When they feel she is ready, we will start looking for a family that fits Sadie Too.

Sadie has currently been in foster care for 2 months. We provide all of her food, vet care, boarding when her fosters go on vacation, nutritional supplements, bed, toys and blankets. Sadie’s fosters enjoy buying her treats and toys as they wear out.

Update: Sadie has been adopted and is continuing to work with her family and various trainers along with SCS to insure that her placement is a harmonious and permanent one.

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  1. Aww, good write up.
    Once Sadie is ready to go, she will get a good home for sure.

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