Pinecone w Haley

Pinecone is a roughly 5-year-old, female, Cairn Terrier. She came to us as an owner surrender from a woman who had found her roaming the streets. She was microchipped but when the kind Samaritan tried to find the owner, what they found was that the phone number was no longer good. They did however inform her that the dogs name was Ginger. The woman ran ads, left information with Marion County, and all the proper channels, with no luck. She had Ginger a little over a month when she contacted SCS.

When I first saw Ginger, she was grossly obese. She constantly chewed at herself and had no hair on her backend. She had, what amounted to a mane and a tuft of hair on the end of her tail. Her skin was black and she could not walk without bringing one of her rear legs up to scratch. Despite her young age, Ginger had lost all her front bottom teeth and ruined all the top front teeth from chewing herself. She had several growths. In short: She was a mess. Of course, we took her πŸ™‚

Ginger became Pinecone as soon as I loaded her into my car. I really believe that a new start demands a new name she loved it instantly. Our first stop was the vet where we had her examined. Where, oh where, to begin? We did skin scrapings and blood tests, poked and prodded. Β The blood tests were normal. She did have yeasty skin and had developed a bacterial skin infection. It was decided that we had to get her healthy before going any further. The best place to start was with flea treatment and diet. We also put her on some daily medications for the bacterial skin infection. She would be bathed with anti-fungal shampoo every couple of days.

These things take time.Β 

The flea treatment made some difference. The medications helped with the scratching and chewing, the baths helped with her yeasty skin and smelly coat. The special diet we put her on helped with her coat and her weight.

The woman who found her said that she often had accidents in the house. A routine of crate training and frequent trips outside with someone insured that that never happened with us. She was such a loving and quiet dog. She is so good with kids and other dogs. Pinecone was a ghost in our house who came alive when the attention was focused on her alone. We decided that we had taken her as far as we could in our busy crowded environment. We had, had her almost 3 months.

Along can Haley. A law student and lover of dogs, looking for a companion who could be alone for the hours that she was in class, in whose life she could make a difference. They were perfect for each other.

Haley calls her Ginger again and dresses her up. Takes her on walks and shows her off at school. She dotes on her and Pinecone adores her for it. Her health improves everyday. She will need to have some teeth removed and we will have to do something about her growths. Pinecone has tons more hair, although she may always have some bald patches. As soon as we are sure that we have done everything we can for her medically (and, if Haley can part with her) we will put her up for adoption.

Pinecone has been in foster for 5+ months. Second Chance Salem provides all of her vet care, food, probiotics, shampoos, medications, her crate, leash, collar and her bedding. Her foster enjoys dressing her up and buying her healthy treats.

Update: Pinecone had her dental and some teeth removed along with her extra growths, she continues to grow hair and dress-up, she is now permanently Ginger. Ginger was adopted by her foster mom who has since adopted her a fur sister from Second Chance Salem. The two of them love to play and go for walks. They help Haley study.


  1. Pinecone/Ginger, a princess in the making. πŸ™‚

    • Gwen L Hammond

      Pinecone has been adopted by Haley. She was with Second Chance Salem 6 1/2 months before being adopted by her foster. It is truly a happily ever after tale. πŸ™‚

      • Debbie

        That’s great hope they have many happy years ahead of them.

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