What is your adoption process?

You can email info@secondchancesalem.org and let us know what dog you are interested in or simply fill out our online application, and one of us will contact you shortly. Once we have approved your application, we will come to do a home check with the dog so that everyone in the family can meet him/her and we can make sure your yard and home are safe for the dog. At that time, if the dog is already vetted and ready to go, we will leave the dog with you. If the dog still needs to be spayed or neutered, that must be done prior to the dog coming home.

What are your adoption fees?

The adoption fee for puppies and young dogs is $250. Older adult dogs (over 7) are $150. Some dogs will be more depending of the individual.

Why so much?

The adoption fees do not even begin to cover the vet expenses and food costs. We put a lot of time and effort into the care and training of each one of our dogs. Here is just a small sampling of some of our costs, remember, this does not address; beds, toys, food, transport costs or crates, just vet expenses.

Here is a breakdown of (some) the services that Second Chance Salem takes care of.

Exam – $29.50

Spay/Neuter – $125.00

Microchip – $32.00

Rabies Vaccine – $9.95

DHLPP Vaccine – $14.95

Absorbable Sutures – $16.00

Nail Trim – $15.00

Flea Treatment – $17.50



Hernia Umbilical – $98.00

Hernia Inguinal – $235.00

Hernia Perineal – $335.00


Cryptorchid Inguinal – $49.00

Cryptorchid Abdominal – $80.00


In Heat – < 40 lbs $35.00

In Heat – > 40 lbs $62.00


Extract Deciduous Teeth – $15 each


Dental – $400


Radiograph – $65.00



Where do the dogs come from?

Usually owner surrenders. We are contacted by people who have to give up their dog for whatever reason and we take them in. Many times the dogs have major medical issues but we take them on anyway so the dog can be helped.

Sometimes we get requests to take dogs from other shelters. Some dogs don’t do well in the shelter environment. Our dogs are all kept in family homes, never a concrete containment!