About Us

Tabitha Luuna Norman Loki

Second Chance Salem has many wonderful volunteers but here is a little bit about my skill set and background. I have been working in and around shelter/rescue work for about 25 years (some time off for child rearing). I have worked in Humane Societies in California and Oregon. I have been employed by them as everything from Spay and Neuter Receptionist to Adoptions Counselor to Euthanasia Technician. I have fostered for multiple rescues and worked with countless dog trainers.  In my current volunteer position with Second Chance Salem, I wear many hats and work closely with many people. I am a very hands on person and I take this work seriously. I am especially fond of giant breeds, pitties, and terriers. My son has a special skill with Dachshunds and my daughter prefers to work with the bigger dogs. I walk my dogs on lead and practice basic obedience and finer house manners on all my dogs every day. I have a number of my own dogs in a very balanced pack. All of my dogs are crate trained house dogs with supervised access to a large securely fenced backyard. Our rescue dogs live in homes with families, dogs, cats and kids.

We have about a dozen foster families we work with. All have undergone our application process (home visits etc.) and all are required to work with their foster dogs through obedience and training, housebreaking, etc. All have different strengths and specialties.


SCS like many rescues has limited resources so in order to make the best use of the ones we do have, we are very careful about the dogs we take. We do not believe in passing them around from rescue to rescue. We take dogs that we think we can help and that we have room, time and financial medical support for. All dogs are evaluated for temperament, fully vetted, vaccinated and spayed/neutered (no dog leaves us unaltered). A dog will be in rescue with us a minimum of ten days and even rarely 9 months. The typical time a dog is with SCS before they are adopted, is 6-10 weeks. All of our adopters are required to fill out our online application, submit to a phone interview, home visit, and reference check. They sign a contract and are required to return dogs to us if they are unable to keep them. Of over 200 adoptions in the last 2 years we have had 5 returns, all but one of those were successfully rehomed. We have exceptional follow-up through email, Facebook and phone calls. Our adopters hear from us at roughly 3 days, 2 weeks and 6 months post adoption. We offer ongoing support and training from a number of different sources.


Second Chance Salem gets their dogs from owner surrender or in cooperation with other rescues and shelters. We have taken and placed dogs from WHS, Marion County Dog Shelter, Heartland Humane Society, Klamath Animal Shelter, Salem Dogs, Pittie Pals, and others around Oregon and rarely Washington. It is not our policy to take California dogs.


Second Chance Salem does most of their veterinary work with Willamette Valley Animal Hospital but we have worked with vets in Beaverton and throughout Salem.


SCS uses Adopt-a-Pet, Petfinder.comRescueMe.org and Facebook to help put people with their pets. We also do frequent outreaches at various venues and have booths at local dog friendly events (Walk-n-Wag, Howl-a-Palooza, the Oregon State Fair, etc.)


Second Chance Salem is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit all volunteer organization with a 5 member Board of Directors that holds monthly meetings. Our board is made up of various professionals in the community with a broad spectrum of animal experience. We have a number of regular donors, volunteers, supporters and fundraisers. SCS works closely with Willamette Law School to maintain proper operating procedures.


If you have any questions for me or would like to know more about our procedures or policies, please do not hesitate to call. Gwen (Executive Director, Second Chance Salem) 503-999-8238