A Rescue Story

wp4b938f7a_06If you go into the “business” of dog rescue…there is a story.  It probably starts with some sad tale of a dog somewhere, abused by someone, whose trial “spoke” to you. These can be horrific accounts, with pictures, that make us wonder if there is humanity in humans.  Of course you love animals, of course you want to help. So you get a hold of some people, get some dogs, and find them some homes (It goes without saying that they are better homes than the ones the dogs came from.) You relate the details. People are aghast, heartstrings are torn, and people want to help.  We all love animals. We are dog “rescuers.”  Where, you ask, are our stories? Why no pictures? Where the atrocities?

Here’s the thing…We like a happy ending. We know where it started and we know how we got there.  There are a rare few people who share the saga, because they were involved in some way, however small or large. We do what we do, because it is WHAT we do. It is WHO we are.  We have help. The people who help us are AMAZING, and I hope they know we think so. If there is something we want to share with you, it’s that. We have help; they are amazing.

There are stories, some of them hard or painful or awful. They would pull your heartstrings. But, our dogs are incredible, they are resilient, and if you are looking for a companion, one to share your life for the rest of theirs, you can do no better than a rescued dog— ours or someone else’s. That is our message. It is what we stand for.

It takes a village, and WE are PART of that village. We couldn’t do it without YOU

Foster, adopt, network, donate, volunteer, give of yourself. You all make a difference and we feel it here.

Thank you!–Gwen Hammond, Executive Director, Second Chance Salem